The Legacy Emergency Care Program

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you got sick and couldn’t take care of your bonsai? What will happen to your collection when you die? What will your family do? What can they do to protect your trees from dying?

To answer these questions, the Inland Empire Bonsai Society (IEBS) has formed the Legacy Program. This Program assists with the care or sale of bonsai at risk due to an unforeseen emergency, illness, or death. It is open to club members and non-members. The Program is designed to satisfy a variety of needs and desires. The owner of the collection (or their designated representative) is in total control. The Legacy Program provides a range of services, from short term temporary tree care, to assisting with pricing for sale of the collection by the family, to the ultimate solution where the Program would remove the trees and arrange for their disposition to other IEBS members by auction.

There is no cost for IEBS members who take advantage of the Legacy Program and only a small cost to non-members. This Program is administered by IEBS; occasionally members may be called upon to assist in care or distribution of trees whose owners have become ill. Please review the full Legacy Program Guidelines, Organization, and Policies (link below). If you have any questions, contact Tom Newbury (phone 509-220-9250) or Hal Allert (phone 509-869-4583).

IEBS Legacy Program Guidelines, Organization, and Policies